Kidding Supplies Bucket

Ridgetop Farm and Garden | Nigerian Dwarf Goat | Kidding Supplies

When I realized Willow surely was pregnant I began researching the items I would need for the birth. Willow had kidded multiple times, but this was a first for me. So I had to purchase most everything we would need.


Ridgetop Farm and Garden | Nigerian Dwarf Goat | Kidding Supplies

This is everything I bought:

Ridgetop Farm and Garden | Nigerian Dwarf Goat | Kidding Supplies

Except for the puppy pads, everything fits nicely inside the bucket.

So, what exactly did I buy and why?

Here’s my list:
HAIR TRIMMERS… I read it was better to shave the doe prior to birth, so the kidding goo has less places to stick to. I didn’t think Willow needed this, so I skipped this step.
PUPPY PADS... to wipe off newly born, wet kids
HEAD LAMP… to see at night and to see if baby is in correct position when bubble first appears
OB GLOVES... in case I had to go in
BETADINE… iodine based skin cleanser
NASAL ASPIRATOR… to clear out baby’s nose and mouth
FLOSS… to tie off umbilical cord
SCISSORS… to cut umbilical cord
TRIODINE-7… 7% iodine to sterilize equipment and to dip umbilical cords in
SMALL CONTAINER… to pour triodine in to dip cords
NIPPLES… I bought the Pritchard brand. Use if kid needs bottle fed
16oz SODA BOTTLE… to use as milking bottle, if needed
COLOSTRUM POWDER… to have on hand in case baby doesn’t get colostrum from doe
1cc SYRINGE… to feed baby colostrum, if needed
CALCIUM DRENCH… in case doe shows signs of low calcium/hypocalcemia
MOLASSES… added to water for mama; she’s worked hard
THERMOMETER… to check temp in case of infection
KETONE TEST STRIPS... to test for toxemia or ketosis, if needed

Just because I like to keep track of things, the total cost to purchase all these items was $156.71
I didn’t use all the items for this kidding. But, they can be used for general goat health or later kiddings.


Ridgetop Farm and Garden | Nigerian Dwarf Goat | Kidding Supplies

What I did use:
PUPPY PADS… We used quite a few of these to wipe off the babies. Towels or paper towels would have worked, too.
NASAL ASPIRATOR… All 4 kids in this birth were breathing on their own when we got there, but I tried getting out gunk anyway.
TRIODINE-7 & SMALL CONTAINER… Dipped the umbilical cords in
NIPPLES & SODA BOTTLE… Since there were 4 kids I was unsure if I needed to supplement. I tried a couple times. They didn’t love it and I thought Willow was doing a fine job feeding everyone, so I quit. About 10 days after their birth, though, I think I’ll start supplementing.
CALCIUM DRENCH… Willow never showed weakness, but I gave her the calcium drench anyway. I need to research if that was ok.
MOLASSES… Willow loved this in her water

Thankfully this was a problem-free birth and I didn’t need a few of my purchases. And now I’m all set up for next time. Yay!