2023 Kidding Season

In 2023, 7 kids born on our farm – all bucks. That is a first for us. Four of the does were bred to our new guy, Ronald and Betty was bred with Milo. CLIFFORD GEORGIA CLAIRE WILLOW Willow is 12 years old and doing amazing, but IMHO too old to be bred. It wasn’t …

2019 Goats for Sale

All the kids have been dam raised. They are already great foragers. They also receive lots of human interaction and are learning to trust us. All bucks this year will be banded at 8 weeks and sold as wethers.

2019 Kidding Schedule

Due to last year’s kids being born when snow was on the ground, I’m pushing kidding dates to March. Below are my planned breeding pairs. We will have 2 senior does that have kidded multiple times, Georgia (who kidded last year), and 2 first fresheners. We will be using Tam again over three of our …

2018 Kidding Season

We had three does due to kid the end of February to the beginning of March. Thankfully, all three mamas did great and we had a problem free kidding season.

Kidding Supplies Bucket

When I realized Willow surely was pregnant I began researching the items I would need for the birth. Willow had kidded multiple times, but this was a first for me. So I had to purchase most everything we would need.