How Our Garden Grows – July 2014

Garden Grows July2014 title

It’s the end of July, which is the typical time our garden really takes off. This year is no different. The plants that started well in May are doing great & many are now being harvested.


Garden Grows July2014 1

Garden Grows July2014 8
Left: Farmer John giving the kids a plumbing lesson in the garden. Right: Newly hatched birds in the mint plant.
Garden Grows July2014 7
Top Left: Potatoes. Top Middle: The grapes are growing! Bottom left: Sweet Bell Pepper. Bottom Right: Onions continuing to grow
Garden Grows July2014 3
The many leafy greens in the garden.
Garden Grows July2014 4
Top Left: Gourds & marigolds at the end of my herb row. Top Right: Sweet Basil.
Garden Grows July2014 5
Top Left: Peppers, squash & grapes

Garden Grows July2014 2



Corn, tomatoes, gourds & pumpkins are growing outside the fence, unprotected from the deer. All seems well so far.

Garden Grows July2014 out1
Left: Well, the corn isn’t as tall as maybe it should be, but it’s growing. Top Right: Waiting on the tomatoes to turn red. Bottom Right: The Sunlight Pumpkins are a fabulous bright chartreuse color.



Most of our fruit trees were planted about 5 years ago. They are finally producing a decent amount of fruit. So exciting!

Garden Grows July2014 trees1
Apples & Plums



Garden Grows July2014 harvest2
Earlier this month I snapped a pic of the bounty harvested that day: 2 types of kale, mint, cilantro, a few peas and a handful of raspberries
Garden Grows July2014 harvest1
Yesterday I picked zucchini, summer squash, lettuce, kale, basil, coriander, & sage. Some is for us & some is for the chickens.


It’s a lot of work, but it is so rewarding growing our own produce.