DIY Freedom Canvas

Freedom Canvas title

Our fireplace mantel was in need of a summer redesign. I chose to go with a patriotic theme, but needed a couple more items to complete the look. The area was calling for a picture or graphic, so I created this collage style canvas. It has a rustic feel, is filled with imperfections, and works perfectly in this spot.


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• Acrylic Paint
(I used Engine Red, Poppy Red, Dutch Blue, Charcoal & White)
• Paint brush, spouncer & sponge
11 x 14 canvas
• Denim patterned scrapbook paper
Mod Podge
• Letter Stencils
(I used these ones from Martha Stewart Crafts)
Clear Glitter
Glitter Glue



Using Engine Red paint, I brushed paint around the edges, sides and in the area the text would be going. I skipped the middle area because the scrapbook paper will be covering that spot.

Next, I sponged Poppy Red paint on the canvas.
Freedom Canvas red



I trimmed the straight edges off the scrapbook paper by tearing it against the edge of my table. This gives a less than perfect feel to the project, which I like.

Then I tore the scrapbook paper all the way across at 2.5″ leaving me with two pieces of paper.

I used mod podge to glue the two pieces of denim paper to the canvas.

Next, I sponged on Poppy Red paint to soften the edges around the mod podged paper. Then I did the same sponging technique with Dutch Blue and a tiny bit of Charcoal paint.
Freedom Canvas mod podge



For the text, I used Martha Stewart stencils and white paint. I used a spouncer to apply the paint.

Then I used a paint brush and the splatter technique to add white “stars” to the canvas.

After the paint dried I applied a coat of Mod Podge over the entire canvas.

When the canvas was dry, I brushed glitter glue over the letters and sprinkled on glitter.
Freedom Canvas text

Freedom Canvas splatter



Freedom Canvas final


Thank you to our Service men & women who protect our freedom!