Birds ’round Here: Violet-Green Swallow

Nature has a beautiful way of letting me know spring has arrived. The trilliums are the first to bloom and the Violet-green Swallows are the first migrating birds to arrive. They usually show up with about 30 of their friends and spend their days darting around catching insects.  

Birds ’round Here: Golden-crowned Sparrow

It’s no secret that I love birds. Since getting a decent camera I have enjoyed trying to take photos of these mostly shy creatures. To help me sort through photos of individual species, and learn along the way, I’m going to highlight one bird species we see at our house each month through 2017. This …

Birds of 2013: Week 52

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks searching hard for 4 more birds. I would browse ebird looking for posts from others that listed birds I haven’t yet seen. Then, I’d go see if I could find them. I never did identify the sparrows or hawks I was really focusing on. But, I did find other …

Birds of 2013: Week 51

There are a number of birds hanging around our house eating at our feeders & picking in the seed heads of summer’s flowers. I enjoy seeing the birds. But unfortunately, none of them are new for my list & the end of the year is coming very quickly. I am so close to my goal, …

Birds of 2013: Week 50

One chilly morning I walked around one of my favorite birding places. Much of the water was ice, but there were plenty of birds hanging around. It was a good walk for seeing large birds. I saw a bald eagle, blue heron, one red-tailed hawk catch breakfast & another one getting pestered by a kestrel.