2021 Claire & Tam Breeding

Claire is buckskin with random spotting, roaning, frosting, and a white poll. Bunny is Claire’s dam, she is cream colored with a hint of a gold. Tam has a buckskin pattern. His sire is light buckskin, while his dam is a medium buckskin.

2021 WyldeStyle & Tam Breeding

WyldeStyle was born with the first litter of kids on our farm. She continues to be naughty and I adore her. WyldeStyle’s dam is Willow, who is a solid cream color with random spotting and roaning. Crash is WyldeStyle’s sire. He has a light buckskin/swiss marked combination pattern. WyldeStyle is beautiful with a Swiss marked …

2021 Georgia & Tam Breeding

This is the 4th time Georgia has freshened. It is also most likely her last. The birthing went well, however she ended up with gangrenous mastitis. Since that diagnosis doesn’t have anything to do with the topic of this post, I will save that story for another day.

Our Nigerian Dwarf Goat Herd: Claire

Claire is Bunny’s kid and was born on our farm. She is a bit stand offish and is very vocal. If we had a contest for the loudest goat in our herd, she would definitely be the winner.

2020 Kidding Season

It is such a fun, exciting, busy time of year. Our farm gained 9 does & 6 bucks this spring from 5 mamas and 3 baby daddys. My method of assisting the births is very hands off. I watch the mamas obsessively when their due date is approaching. I like to be there for the …