2018 Willow & Tam Breeding

Last year Willow was bred with Crash. Having been bred with Tam this year,  I am curious to see the similarities and changes in her kids outward appearance.

Tam’s sire is light buckskin, while his dam is a medium buckskin. Tam also is buckskin.

Willow is a solid cream color with random spotting and roaning. She must be a carrier of the recessive black gene because she has birthed a number of black kids. Willow’s dam is dark gold with a belt and roaning. Her sire appears to be dark brown with random spotting.

Willow had triplets this year, 2 bucks and a doe. The little girl and one of the bucks look quite similar to Willow and similar to two of her bucks in 2017. She also birthed one black buck. ♥ This is at least her 3rd year in a row having one black kid. Black is recessive. For this little boy to be black it means he got the black allele from both Tam and Willow. I just love his coloring. He’s black with a white belt and lots of roaning except on his face and lower legs. This little guy is also polled, the other two are horned.

Update: I have updated BW1’s pattern to swiss marked. As he has grown, the lower sections of his legs have really lightened up compared to his body. His tail and buns are also light. We kept BW1 for awhile. He is listed as Wander if you want to check him out. He grew into a darn nice guy.


Color Tam Willow BW1 BW2 BW3
Dark Brown - - - - -
Unknown - - - - -


Color Tam Willow BW1 BW2 BW3
White - - - -
Cream -
Tan - - - -
Gold - - - - -
Red Brown - - - - -


Pattern Tam Willow BW1 BW2 BW3
Solid - -
Chamoisee - - - - -
Buckskin - - - -
Cou Clair/Blanc - - -
Swiss Marked - - - -
Sundgau - - - - -
Hidden - - - -


Characteristic Tam Willow BW1 BW2 BW3
Random -
Belted - - - -
Schwartzal - - - - -
Roaning -
White Poll -
Moon Spots - - - - -


Characteristic Tam Willow BW1 BW2 BW3
Polled - - -
Horned - -

Science is Fun & Genetics are Fascinating!

Please keep in mind this information is primarily for me. I’m posting it publicly in case others are interested. However, I don’t claim to know all the things. This is my method for keeping records of the genetics because I find it fascinating and I’m trying to educate myself.