Ridgetop Farm and Garden | Weekly Update | Week 3


• The better part of this week was spent on vacation. So, I don’t have many farm related notes.

•Where’d we go? you ask. To a very magical place. Disneyland. I went for a Star Wars themed run event. I ran a 5K, 10K, and half marathon. The rest of the time was spent enjoying all things Disney.

• Just to keep things real, though, the night before we left was spent in a less magical way. We spent the better part of the evening moving Oliver and Lois. The pig and goat actually cooperated quite nicely. The mud, however, did not. I was getting stuck just trying to walk through it. Our car got stuck in it. The mud was slippery and not easy to get out of. I really am so glad the animals weren’t being troublesome during this time.

• It’s been like this for awhile, but I found it amusing on the stressful day before leaving on vacation, that our tractor seat is covered in a feed sack. The seat is cracked and therefore holds water. When you sit on it your buns get wet. Farmer John’s solution was a feed sack. It works.

• It’s been raining since we got home.
Ridgetop Farm and Garden | Weekly Update | Week 3