2019 Bunny & Wingman Breeding

This is our second breeding season with Bunny. Although she has never had any real problems, pregnancy and delivery seem just a bit more uncomfortable for her than it does for Willow and her daughters.

Goat Coat Color

Although it is true outward appearance is really of little importance, a fun bonus with raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats is the variety of coats and patterns. One goat can look similar or look completely different from their herd mates. I could have a herd of 15 goats and all 15 goats potentially could look different. …

Polled, or Not?

Polled animals are animals born naturally without horns. Some breeds of cattle are entirely polled. There are not any goat breeds entirely polled. In goats, the polled gene is dominant. This means that a kid can only be polled if one, or both, parents are polled.