DIY Travel Photo Canvas

There was a blank space on our Travel Gallery Wall that fit a 20″ x 16″ canvas perfectly. Since Germany was only represented once on the wall, I was hoping the canvas could be German themed. I absolutely loved this view of the river when we were in Nuremberg, so it seemed an easy choice.

12 Days: Christmas Tree Canvas Painting Tutorial

Our 7th Day of December is featuring a do it yourself canvas painting. It is not the fanciest painting you ever did see, but it’s festive, fun and fairly simple to create. Have you seen those places where you get to drink wine with your girlfriends while creating a fabulous painting? I’ve always wanted to …

DIY Freedom Canvas

Our fireplace mantel was in need of a summer redesign. I chose to go with a patriotic theme, but needed a couple more items to complete the look. The area was calling for a picture or graphic, so I created this collage style canvas. It has a rustic feel, is filled with imperfections, and works …

Butterfly Canvas Painting

Over the summer, the kids created fun butterfly paintings. I gave them the same step by step instructions, yet all 3 of their paintings are original. I absolutely love that!