Pacific NW Plants: Columbia Lily

One of my favorite summer flowers around our house is the┬áLilium columbianum, or Columbia Lily. It is quite exotic looking compared to other Pacific Northwest plants. This lily is native to North America and grows in open woodlands of the west. It is also known as the Tiger Lily or Oregon Lily.  

Pacific NW Plants: Pacific Bleeding Heart

The plant I’m highlighting for February is the Pacific Bleeding Heart, also referred to as Western Bleeding Heart. I love the delicate look to this hardy perennial. I’m also a sucker for most things purple. It is one of my favorite spring flowers.

Pacific NW Plants: Canada Thistle

One of the great things about living where we do is we get to enjoy nature’s beauty every day. There are many plants growing wild I’d like to learn more about. In an attempt to do that, I’m going to pick a plant each month in 2017 and write a post about it.