2012 Hatch1 Title sized

Not much is happening in our soggy flowerbeds, but there’s a lot of excitement happening in the new incubator.


Candling dark eggs can be difficult, but we could see the veins & chick fairly clearly in these white eggs.

2012 Hatch1 candle
Days 3, 6 & 8




It takes chickens only 21 days to hatch. Yesterday was day 21! So far 11 eggs have hatched.

It really is an amazing thing to watch & of course I took tons of pics and video. I even resisted opening the incubator. I only took pics through the windows in the incubator. Here are just a few:

2012 Hatch1 hatching1


2012 Hatch1 kids
The kids & their friends enjoyed watching the chicks hatch, too.




This batch of chicks are Easter Eggers & Easter Egger/White Leghorn crosses.

2012 Hatch1 chicks