Bloom Day – November 2012

Nov 2012 Bloom Day title

I missed the last two Bloom Day’s. Dag nab it. I was really going to try keeping up with it. It’s such a fun idea & a great way to keep track of what’s happening in my yard. Our road trip through me off. Hopefully, I’ll stay focused & not miss another Bloom Day for quite some time.

The bummer is there’s a heck of a lot of nothin’ going on in my flowerbeds these days. I even had to stretch the rules a bit & add pics of plants that are just interesting, not necessarily blooming this month. Overall the gardens are drab, but there are a few sparks of color here & there.


Nov 2012 Bloom Day misc1
Top: The St. John’s Wort blooms are way passed their prime, but are still interesting. Bottom Left: Snowmound Spirea. Bottom Right: Have I complained yet this fall, going on winter, about the fog? I’m not ready for it. I haven’t officially been keeping track (although maybe I should), but I would guess 4-5 out of 7 days are foggy at our house. It will be this way from now through the beginning of spring. It’s just dreary.


Nov 2012 Bloom Day misc2
Top Left: This pic doesn’t show it off well, but this gibbey is a fabulous grayish-green/blue. It looks fantastic against all the other drab colors. Top Right: Red berries on a flowering cherry tree. Bottom Left: A few black-eyed susan’s are still hangin’ on.


Is it June yet? I miss my colorful flowerbeds already. But, I guess, this gives me time to revamp things a bit before next summer.

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