April 2014 Bloom Day title

Spring is definitely here! There’s lots going on in my garden beds & it makes me so very happy.


April 2014 Bloom Day side yard
Top Left: Camellia. Top Right: The hellebore are past their peak, but are still adding nice color to our one area with shade. Bottom: Johnny Jump Ups. It appears the slugs have been enjoying them.



April 2014 Bloom Day front yard
Top Left: The flowering cherry tree is looking wonderfully pretty in pink. Top Right: Pansies in the wishing well. Bottom Left: English Daisies are blooming here & there. Bottom Right: The Red Crossbill’s that started hanging around last month are still here. And, I’m so very glad. I’ve enjoyed watching them. They never visit our bird feeders, but they do come in close to drink from the pond. This guy is waiting his turn for a drink in a newly flowering plum tree.
Mar 2014 Bloom Day wishing well
The crocus are still making our front yard look pretty.
April 2014 Bloom Day pond1
Top Left: Tiny Kinnikinnick blooms. Bottom Left: Creeping phlox just starting to bloom. Right: King George Heather.



April 2014 Bloom Day back yard
Left: The Japanese Rose is just starting to show off. Top Right: Osmanthus Burkwoodi. Bottom Right: The Vinca minor is looking great with all its purple flowers.



April 2014 Bloom Day bird village
Top Right: I believe this is Leopard’s Bane. I love it. It’s so very bright & cheery. Bottom Left: This Magnolia has tons of flowers. Bottom Right: The Leonard Messel Magnolia doesn’t have many flowers, but the ones it does have are beautiful.


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